Frazier Revitalization Programs


We cultivate and invest in neighborhood improvements to attract jobs and services, and improve access to healthcare and quality of life.Hatcherstation

Hatcher Station Village
Hatcher Station Village was spearheaded by Frazier Revitalization and made possible by the New Markets Tax Credit Program. The Parkland Hatcher Station Health Center opened in 2015, bringing affordable care to the community. Phase Two of the village is currently in development with the goal to incubate small business and employment, and address food insecurities and other community needs.

The Community Lawyering Center
 A partnership with the UNT Dallas College of Law, the Community Lawyering Center offers legal expertise and services to help residents overcome barriers to employment and gain steady income.

Bertrand Market
Ladies shopping The monthly outdoor market hosted by the Bertrand Neighborhood Association, helps to grow social cohesion and gives local entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their goods and services.


To help break the cycle of poverty, Frazier Revitalization focuses on giving neighborhood children experiences that support their academic and social-emotional growth. It is a part of our broader strategy to bring positive change to the Frazier neighborhoods. We invest in Frazier children through three critical programs.

Frazier Kids
A partnership with Dallas Afterschool, Frazier Kids helps keep youth off the streets through positive afterschool activities. The free program includes interactive reading exercises on iStation, a math and reading technology tool used by Dallas ISD. We also offer homework help, tutoring, literature circles and the integration of Social Emotional Learning to more than 50 children.Kids in the Kitchen

Summer Enrichment Camp
In cooperation with Big Thought, Dallas Afterschool, Dallas ISD and the State Fair of Texas, we provide approximately 150 students living in the Frazier area a six-week enrichment camp that helps improve reading and math outcomes. Kids participate in hands-on enrichment activities and learn critical life skills through Social Emotional Learning.

Frazier Afterschool Network
Launched in 2015, Frazier Revitalization leads an afterschool network that provides targeted, relevant training and networking opportunities for providers working with children in the Frazier community. This network allows smaller providers with limited resources to take advantage of quality programming, learning tools, training sessions and other resources.