Frazier Revitalization Programs

Hatcher Station Village

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Hatcher Station Village is the cornerstone for economic opportunity in South Dallas, building on existing assets to lift the community to its full potential. It provides the corner piece to an urban puzzle, connecting South Dallas to the broader Dallas economic base. Easy access to DART, health care and career-focused education makes Hatcher Station Village a game-changer for urban revitalization.

Community Engagement

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The Frazier Revitalization After-School Program Initiative is a strategy/plan for addressing problems associated with the lack of adequate supports and services in the Frazier community for healthy child and neighborhood development. Frazier Revitalization has joined with other neighborhood stakeholders in taking responsibility for developing and implementing programs to address the needs of elementary and middle school-aged children. The goal is to instill the required socialization skills, improve academic performance, promote family stability through healthy life styles and encourage the students to pursue higher education.

Frazier Revitalization sponsors scouting programs at both Dunbar Learning Center and Dade Middle School.

Frazier Revitalization will continue to work to strengthen the collaboration of neighborhood organizations and other stakeholders to improve the delivery system for services to youth and families.

New Roof Tops

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Like a body that has been neglected and no longer functions well, Frazier urgently needs rehabilitation. Too many lots are vacant, too many houses are either abandoned or in disrepair.

However, Frazier’s potential is huge. Located less than two miles from downtown Dallas on DART’s new Green Line, it is just minutes from major employment centers such as Baylor University Medical Center, the central business district, the Southwestern Medical District and the southern Dallas Logistics Hub.

It is home to the Margaret H. Cone Head Start Center. Bordered by one of the state’s signature attractions, Fair Park, and the White Rock Creek greenbelt, the neighborhood’s other cultural assets include the African American Museum, the South Dallas Cultural Center, and a museum dedicated to Civil Rights leader Juanita Craft.

Frazier Revitalization will create an inclusive, sustainable community by building housing and commercial space in partnership with other outstanding urban developers. We build to the highest standards for people of all income levels, including both mixed-use, transit-oriented development and single-family homes.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

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There are many paths to home ownership, and Frazier Revitalization is helping families pursue many of them. Frazier Revitalization was chosen under the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program to acquire vacant or foreclosed parcels, replacing properties that are a menace to their neighbors with new homes that are assets to the community. Concurrently, we will help families acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful homeowners, helping them not only improve their own lives but also add value to their neighborhood.