• Frazier Revitalization, Inc. serves...a proud but tattered neighborhood, poised for a dramatic comeback.

  • Frazier Revitalization, Inc. is...building new housing for people of all income levels, from young professionals to seniors.

  • Frazier Revitalization, Inc. has...the vision, talent and expertise to make revival a reality.

  • Frazier Revitalization, Inc. is...creating safe, sustainable neighborhoods, built on partnerships and accountability.

  • Frazier Revitalization, Inc. is...working just two miles from downtown Dallas on DART's Green Line.


FRI Mission Statement

Frazier Revitalization, Inc.’s mission is to be a catalyst for the revitalization and transformation of the Frazier Neighborhood by coordinating, supporting, and assisting in economic and cultural development.

Hatcher Station Village

Hatcher Station Logo
Hatcher Station Village is the cornerstone for economic opportunity in South Dallas, building on existing assets to lift the community to its full potential. It provides the corner piece to an urban puzzle, connecting South Dallas to the broader Dallas economic base. Easy access to DART, health care and career-focused education makes Hatcher Station Village a game-changer for urban revitalization.

Get Involved

Get Involved
FRI partners with individual residents, schools, churches, nonprofits, community groups, and more.

FRI Programs

FRI Programs
FRI’s core areas of expertise include real estate development, community outreach and engagement, and collaboration with diverse sectors and organizations.